Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

State Representative Steve Nass calls for Jeff Wood’s ouster


State Representative Steve Nass called for the resignation of State Representative Jeff Wood following Wood’s fourth arrest for driving under the influence. If Wood does not resign, Nass will pursue Wood’s expulsion from the Assembly.

Dear Representative Wood:

The Wisconsin Constitution and the people of this great state place a tremendous level of power in the Legislature to act in the public interest. Every member elected to the State Senate and State Assembly has a solemn duty to serve in a manner befitting the institution. Upon taking the oath of office, every member of the Legislature accepts a moral responsibility to adhere to a higher standard of conduct.

It is clear by your recent conduct that profound personal issues impede your ability to serve in the Assembly without bringing great disrepute on the institution and the people of this state. The conduct in question is not merely the result of minor indiscretions or reasonably explained lapses in judgment.

In short, your conduct of recent months taken in perspective with past dishonorable incidents leaves no other conclusion than your service in the Assembly should cease. I respectfully ask that you tender your resignation from the Assembly immediately for the good of the institution, the people of Wisconsin and your family.

In the event you opt to continue serving in the Assembly, I have begun the process of drafting an Assembly Resolution of Expulsion under Assembly Rule 21 and Article IV, Section 8 of the Wisconsin Constitution. I truly hope that you will make this process unnecessary by doing the right thing and submitting your resignation.


Stephen L. Nass
State Representative
31st Assembly District

As a Republican, Nass is in the minority, and so his efforts may not go anywhere. It will be interesting to see if the Democrats will have any interest in protecting a four-time loser like Wood.

Alex, I’ll take politicians who like to wear handcuffs outside of the bedroom for $1,000.

The 911 call that led to Wood’s arrest is now public. WEAU.com is reporting:

About ten minutes of conversation from the 911 call that led to the second arrest of Wood in nine months was released and fellow lawmakers are talking about Wood’s future at the State Capitol.

“I just pulled over because he almost caused a bunch of accidents, he’s all over the road and he’s back on the road again,” says 911 caller Jill Sann.

Troopers arrested Jeff Wood around 6:30 Wednesday night near Wausau. After Jill Sann called police to report a car that almost hit her.

“This guy does not need to be driving,” says Sann.

State Representative Kristen Dexter told WEAU that she spoke to Wood:

Dexter says she called Wood last night to offer support. She says that he says he’s sorry, but doesn’t know what his plans are yet.

“He also needs to think about his constituents now whether they can be served while he’s going through this process that’s up to Jeff and I’m sure he’s doing some good hard thinking today and in the days to come,” says Kristen Dexter.

WSAU.com has the audio of the 911 call posted online.

The Chippewa Herald is reporting Wood is checking himself into rehab in Minnesota:

State Rep. Jeff Wood (I-Bloomer) released this statement Friday: “As many of you know I have struggled with alcoholism for most of my adult life. This past summer I checked myself into an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program, which I am still enrolled in.

“I have been taking medication prescribed to me by my doctor to treat anxiety. Due to recent events, I have checked myself into the inpatient AODA program at the VA Hospital in Minneapolis.”

Here is the dash cam video of Wood’s arrest courtesy of WQOW in Eau Claire.

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