Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

State Senator Mike Ellis says Republicans will pass Milwaukee County reform bill before taking up budget


And the news just keeps getting worse for Milwaukee County Board Chairman Marina Dimitrijevic and most of the Milwaukee County Board. State Senate President Mike Ellis told WISN’s Mark Belling Monday afternoon that the bill to reform Milwaukee County will be taken up by the Senate quickly (audio link) and before the state budget.
“…we’re getting the public hearing on the same bill, but the Senate version, we’re going to get that out of the way this week, it’ll then come back to the Senate, we’re not in session until the first part of May, and then we will schedule it. I would hope that we schedule it right away and take it up on the floor.”

Ellis says Republicans have the votes to pass the bill in the Senate, and Republicans have already passed it once in the Assembly.

I wrote about the momentum building for the reform bill, including an interview with County Supervisor Deanna Alexander, for the MacIver Institute.

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