Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

State treasurer race just went loopy


Okay, I’m trying to get a handle on this. Scott Feldt, who currently works in the state treasurer’s office and was running for state treasurer, is dropping out of the race.  Feldt works for the current state treasurer, Kurt Schuller, who ran on a promise to get rid of the state treasurer’s office. Schuller’s failure (and some question how hard he tried) was part of the reason Feldt gave to actually increase the responsibilities of  the state treasurer’s office.

Feldt’s opponent was Matt Adamczyk, a former legislative staffer, who is running on a campaign promise to get rid of the state treasurer position. Adamczyk has been criticizing the state treasurer’s office and Feldt for some embarrassing expenditures.

So Feldt endorsed Randy Melchert, who promises to support keeping an elected state treasurer. Melchert is a capable young guy, but I’m trying to figure out how his background makes him a suitable candidate for state treasurer. Since Melchert is not bringing, as far as I can tell, a background that makes him uniquely qualified to be state treasurer, how does it help Feldt’s cause of expanding the statutory role of the state treasurer to endorse Melchert for the position?

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