Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Stockpiling whiskey as a cure for snakebite still advised


Good news for developers and guilty lawnmowers. The Butler Garter Snake is no longer a protected species. The Associated Press is reporting:

The DNR proposed removing the non-poisonous Butler’s garter snake and 15 other creatures and plants from the list, which hasn’t been significantly changed since the 1990s.

The DNR has been pressured in recent years by the Metropolitan Builders Association of Milwaukee and some legislators to remove the snake from the protected list because its presence at some construction sites has held up the projects for months, and in some cases, years while the DNR reviewed the impact on the species.

There are now enough Butler’s garter snakes to warrant the species removal from the list, said DNR zoologist Bill Smith ‘‘There was a ton of data that we put through the grinder and we decided it wasn’t even close enough to be listed,’’ Smith said.

A ton of data through the grinder and a lot of snakes through the lawnmowers.

However, Graeme Zielinski is still working for the Democratic Party, so not all snakes are off the protected list.

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