Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Stop the War referendums


Thirty-two communities tomorrow have a referendum on the ballot that in some form or another calls on the United States to withdraw it’s armed forces from Iraq. Setting aside for the moment the contempt for the devoloping world that the Left is demonstrating with their willingness to condemn Iraqis to tyranny and civil war, I have some questions to ask my left-wing friends.

Looking to the right, I have the list of communities from The Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice that are planning on having the referendum. If one of those communities fails to vote the way The Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice wants it to vote, does that mean the war can continue? How about two, or three? If Hayward votes to continue the war, will the Left suddenly say, “Gee, this has all the makings of a Just War after all. Maybe we should join the Adopt a Sniper program and support a Curtis Lemay style bombing campaign of Tehran if they continue to support terrorist movements in Iraq?”

What about those communities that decided that a small town trying to control the foreign policy of the United States is so stupid that they didn’t bother to have a referendum? What are they, warmongers? Undecided? Secretly peace-loving hobbits afraid that the vast right-wing conspiracy is going to sweep them off to Guantonomo?

I notice the Village of Wales isn’t on the list. Does that mean they believe we should just nuke ’em all and let God sort ’em out? Or does that mean they support peace at any price?

We had a referendum on the war in 2004. The Left just didn’t like the answer. We’ll have another referendum on the war this November. Maybe then the Left will get the answer that it wants, maybe not. But I doubt some general is going to care what the voters in Sister Bay say one way or the other in a referendum cooked up by the kooky Left.

So regardless of how someone feels about the war, they should vote no on the referendum. Why? Because the referendum has nothing to do with the purpose of the governing body holding the referendum, that’s why.

How would the Left feel if suddenly Couderay decided to have a referendum on whether San Francisco should start arresting people for sodomy? Would the Left feel that this was an exercise in Democracy? Or would they call the people of Couderay stupid for even having such a referendum?

I have no idea how the anti-war referendums will turn out tomorrow. I’m hoping that they all fail.

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