Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

State Rep Chris Kapenga defeated Brian Dorow in the special Republican primary in the 33rd state senate district. In unofficial totals, Kapenga received 5,539 votes or 52.3% to Dorow’s 4,888 votes or 46.1%. It was the second time Kapenga defeated Dorow. The first was when Kapenga was elected to the state assembly following the departure of […]

State Rep Chris Kapenga is at Revere’s Wells Street Tavern, an Irish bar and restaurant in Delafield.  I was there once a couple of years ago. The food is good and the atmosphere at the outside seating is nice. Kapenga’s campaign, however, is downstairs. By the way, it’s trivia night at the bar. Brian Dorow […]

Yet another reason to hate yard signs. In the letters section of the Waukesha Freeman on Tuesday, Gerry and Lyn Holton wrote (in part): …Or, we can go back to the day when candidates were handpicked by an elite few in the Waukesha Republican Party hierarchy. Qualifications: how well they are connected and how well they […]

Continuing the theme, Waukesha Mayor Shawn Reilly endorsed Brian Dorow for state senate in the special election in the 33rd district. Dorow’s endorsements continue to be more local than State Rep Chris Kapenga’s list of endorsements. However, does an endorsement by Reilly help? Reilly’s endorsement track record isn’t good. He endorsed Ald Aaron Perry for […]

Waukesha Freeman 6/18/2015 Page A6 Opinion Do voters care where money comes from? Special interests support Kapenga; Dorow mostly raises donations close to home Tuesday is Election Day in Waukesha. Again. This time it is the Republican primary in the 33rd state Senate District. When the audio book version of this column comes out I’ll […]

After I asked both candidates in the 33rd Senate special election, Brian Dorow and State Rep Chris Kapenga issued statements today on the current proposal for the new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks. Dorow struck first: “I do not support the current proposal to publicly fund a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks for several […]

A friend of ours has a free version of solitaire on her computer that occasionally kicks up a pop-up ad. Today she got one from State Rep Chris Kapenga, who is running in the special election in the 33rd State Senate district. She said she didn’t know whether to be annoyed by the ad or […]

Waukesha Freeman Page A5 Opinion 5/28/2015 Kapenga, Dorow fundraising tactics in focus Putting Madison special interests and PACs in perspective In case you haven’t noticed from all the signs going up around here, there is a special election in the 33rd Senate District. Brian Dorow is taking on state Rep. Chris Kapenga for the Republican […]

WISN’s Mark Belling, who is also a columnist for the Waukesha Freeman, talked Tuesday afternoon about how State Rep Chris Kapenga held a fundraiser in Madison and he thought it looks bad. Kapenga is currently facing Brian Dorow in the special election in the 33rd Senate District. Assembly Republicans are going through the budget process so […]

Had a visit this evening from Kyle, a friendly neighborhood College Republican from UW-Waukesha who was doing a knock-and-drop for State Rep Chris Kapenga. Despite the hounds, the campaign literature was successfully handed to me. I would imagine hitting the houses in my area is not too difficult if you have a decent list and […]