Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Thanks to the Waukesha Freeman (and Dean and Huckleberry), I now understand why our aldermanic candidates have not knocked on our door. Lori Howe just moved to the district to run for alderman. That’s right. She moved to run for alderman. The big aldermanic paycheck convinced her to move from her side of town to […]

Despite Alderman Charles Betker’s impending retirement, I will not run for alderman. Too many cranky bloggers living in my district. Dutton Peabody: [protesting his nomination to the statehood convention] Good people of Shinbone; I beg of you; I, I’m your conscience, the small voice crying out in the wilderness, I, I’m your father confessor! I. […]

I had an interesting conversation with Mayor Larry Nelson Saturday Night as he packed for his trip to see Robert Redford. He disagreed strongly with this column I wrote regarding the hiring of the City Administrator. I want to be fair and explain his point of view as best I can: 1. The city administrator […]

Mayor Larry Nelson has put forth the project plan for selecting the next City Administrator, a title once granted by the Common Council is almost impossible to remove. Since we’re so willing to dispense with accountability, perhaps we should consider only applicants with offspring and make the position hereditary, making the position almost totally independent […]

Alderman Charles Betker stopped by the house to update us on the fight to stop Al Kropp, owner of Kropp Equipment, from landing his helicopter at his location on Arcadian Avenue in Waukesha. Betker has proposed a minimum 10 acre requirement for allowing aircraft to land. There is no reason why Kropp can’t drive the […]

County Supervisor Rodell Singert has been pushing for reform at the Waukesha County Board. Singert’s latest effort is to lead the charge for freezing the salaries of the county board members, a proposal passed by the Personnel Committee 6-1. It goes to the Finance Committee today. Singert will also introduce a measure to reduce the […]

From today’s Waukesha Freeman Sound Off Helicopter request To all who are throwing a fit about Al Kropp and his helicopter, shame on you. This man owns businesses all over the Midwest. He has an active interest in all of them. He does not just sit in an office somewhere and sign papers. He personally […]

Picture taken from the embassy rooftop when the Democrats took over City Hall. That, or it’s some selfish idiot too inconsiderate to drive the ten minutes to the airport. Where the heck is our alderman on this? I bet this wouldn’t be put up with on the west side of the Fox River. If the […]