Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

If you want a good idea of just how bad political correctness has gotten at our major universities, David Bernstein in the Washington Post has a Facebook post from a Jewish student at Oberlin who, despite being quite PC herself, has discovered the hard way that there is no room on the “progressive” left for Israel-supporting […]

And I thought it was just Mexicans and Arabs. Turns out Ann Coulter doesn’t like Jews, either. She just went the full Pat Buchanan on Twitter. When Jake Tapper asked the candidates how America will be different when they’re president, Coulter didn’t like some of the answers. Below are the screen captures. Print this entry

I have just started to follow the apparent suicide of Tom Schweich, a Republican candidate for governor in Missouri. The story is Schweich called a press conference to criticize Republican Party Chairman John Hancock for telling people Schweich was Jewish. Shortly afterwards, Schweich allegedly shot himself in the head, taking his own life. At his […]

I was speechless… Turns out Jews actually have a pretty bad record as Fed chairmen. Stick with Protestants: http://t.co/hqqq6xfAzL — Matt Yglesias (@mattyglesias) August 16, 2013 But then I saw he was writing in response to someone else claiming protestants do not make good Fed Chairmen. I saw Godfather Part III so I’m not sure […]

Keep the language clean. I realize some topics tend to drift into PG-13 territory, but let’s do our best to keep the comments free of foul language. Also, I have no tolerance for anti-Semitic comments at my blog. I’m sure there are plenty of other websites where hating Jews and blaming Israel for everything is […]

I wish Alice Walker had banned the publication of The Color Purple in English. — John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) June 19, 2012 (For more, see Jonathan S. Tobin’s article in Commentary.) Print this entry

Apparently the organizers of CPAC need to set a minimum age requirement for libertarians attending the conference.  I suggest 40. The ballroom for big events fills up many minutes in advance. In this instance, the people who wanted to hear Rand Paul speak at 3:45 had to arrive around 2:30, and stay there. If they […]

I’d like to dedicate a song to Bruce Murphy and Mark Belling. I don’t believe WISN’s Mark Belling is an anti-Semite any more than Milwaukee Magazine’s Bruce Murphy, but I thought it was hilarious that such a big deal of Belling’s offhand remark was made over at Milwaukee Magazine after Murphy’s article. I’m just happy […]

Conservative author/writer Joe Sobran died yesterday.  He was 64.  Sobran, a senior editor at National Review, left the magazine due to controversy after being accused of anti-Semitism.  He continued to associate himself with Holocaust denier David Irving.  If Sobran was not anti-Semitic, he certainly leaned that way and he supported anti-Semites. Four years ago, Wisconsin Forum, a […]

Christopher Hitchens wrote this week about the slaughter of the pigs in Egypt for Slate.  He observed the religious component to the hysteria: Back in May, just as Egypt’s anti-porcine hysteria was gathering pace, there was a proposal from Sheik Ahmad Ali Othman, a senior advisory figure at the Ministry of Religious Endowments, that all […]