Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

On Tuesday Assembly Republicans did not take up AB 210, the bill to allow sales taxes at the county level to go up to pay for road costs. However, Assembly Republicans may take up the bill with an amendment that’s an attempt to make the sales tax increases more palatable. As I explain at RightWisconsin, […]

The state assembly bill, AB 210, to allow counties to raise the sales tax .5% to fund road construction and repair has been postponed to Thursday. You can read my analysis of the bill at the MacIver website. Assembly Democrats were supposedly split on the bill, but as the evening wore on they asked when […]

Why isn’t a prevailing wage bill passing? I asked and answered that question at RightWisconsin. To understand the Republicans, we need to understand the French. No, not the Marquis de Lafayette. The French soldiers waving the white flag in 1917. Print this entry

This year we are continuing our tradition of taking a look back to last year’s predictions.  You would think I would learn each year that making so many predictions just means I have more work to do the following year correcting them. I’m also increasing the odds I’ll be wrong. Some people think I’m just […]

Waukesha Freeman, Opinion Page A5, 4/10/14 Time for Kramer to go His case overshadows real state accomplishments It’s time for state Rep. Bill Kramer to go. Unfortunately, judging from his attorney’s statements, it does not appear Kramer is going to go willingly. James Gatzke told WISN-TV, “I don’t think any discussion regarding him stepping down […]

Our friends at RightWisconsin, Charlie Sykes, Brian Fraley and Collin Roth, are calling on State Rep Bill Kramer to resign his seat. And if Kramer doesn’t resign his seat, they want the Republicans to expel him. We are compelled to call for Kramer’s removal because his behavior casts a pall over the Wisconsin legislature. Like Representatives […]

RightWisconsin.com is reporting State Rep Bill Kramer will lose his position as Assembly Majority Leader on Tuesday. They received a statement from “The Assembly Republican Leadership” stating they will ask the Assembly GOP Caucus to oust him: “We believe the serious nature of the alleged incidents require us to ask the Assembly Republican Caucus to […]

Ponza Rottas for everyone! As expected, State Rep Bill Kramer of Waukesha is the Assembly Republicans new majority leader. No word if there was white smoke when the ballots were burned. Print this entry

Kramer may be moving up  Waukesha rep would add spine to Republican majority as leader Waukesha Freeman 8/22/13 Opinion Page A6   When the state Assembly reconvenes in September, Republicans may have a new majority leader, one familiar to many Waukesha Freeman readers. State Rep. Bill Kramer will likely win the election when the Republican […]

The state Assembly voted Tuesday night to amend the changes to open enrollment for schools previously passed by the state Senate. The Senate version expands the open enrollment period for three months each spring, and gives parents maximum flexibility year round to enroll in a new public school as long as the receiving district has room and […]