Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

Yep, it’s that time. Okay, I forgot to post last week’s, which was written but never posted. So by default, that makes me last week’s political idiot of the week. We have plenty of candidates again this week. Is it Barack Obama’s (now ex) foreign policy advisor Samantha Power who called Senator Clinton “a monster” […]

Paul Soglin gives a preview of what Wisconsinites can expect between now and February 19th. February 19 will produce the most interesting Wisconsin primary since 1968, when the weekend before the votes were cast, Lyndon Johnson, withdrew in the face of a pending debacle. In the meantime, the national press core will celebrate the Dairy […]

Each year I make a set of predictions, some tongue in cheek, and every year I prove to only be slightly better than sportswriters predicting the outcomes of NFL games. A quick glance at this year’s scorecard will show I made better predictions than in the past. Comments in italics. Governor Doyle will get one […]

Michael Horne looks at the decision to transfer funding for Milwaukee County job training from the Private Industry Council (PIC) to a new city agency being created by Mayor Barrett. He comes to the conclusion, it’s all about politics. So what are we to think when Mayor Tom Barrett calls for the abolition of the […]