Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

I spent much of my life watching baseball. then I realized I was rooting for a logo, not a team, and stopped. – John Podhoretz Print this entry

On Tuesday, RightWisconsin ran a piece by me (yes, subscription required) talking about my thoughts on professional baseball and Ryan Braun. It’s been a long road towards alienation for me, which probably says something about the love I once had for the game. Here’s part: I was at the 2002 All Star Game Home Run […]

The best part is how long it takes for the mom to cool down. I’m sure he was just trying to get a cool souvenier for his daughter that she would always treasure once her cracked ribs heal. For the record, my daughter would never have to worry about me dropping her for a foul […]

The last time Mexico had these kinds of problems and it spilled over our borders, Woodrow Wilson sent in Black Jack Pershing. Print this entry

Final score from a D.C. softball game, Cato Institute 9, SEIU 7. Print this entry

How many authors have a lifetime MLB batting average of .200? Print this entry

The same day Bonds was indicted on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice that stemmed from his denying in front of a grand jury that he ever knowingly used performance-enhancing drugs, Selig announced Major League Baseball has set new records for attendance and revenue during the 2007 season. – Josh Peter, Yahoo Sports Find […]

Barry Bonds told the Baseball Hall of Fame it was either him or the asterisk baseball. Well, unless the ball was juiced, too, and lied to the grand jury, I’m betting the ball makes it to Cooperstown before Bonds. Barry Bonds, the former Giants star and baseball’s career home run king, was indicted by a […]

Taking the day off, Barry Bonds did not tie or break Hank Aaron’s career home run record yesterday in Milwaukee. Unfortunately it’s almost inevitable that Bonds will break the record in the near future, possibly against the Atlanta Braves. Baseball commissioner Bud Selig probably will not be at the game when the record is broken. […]

Brian Fraley has started an online petition drive to bring back the Beer Mug and the giant keg to Milwaukee Brewers baseball. It’s Miller Park, not Noah’s Ark Waterpark. Bring back the beer mug! Find classic movies at Amazon.com Print this entry