Friday, October 20th, 2017

Marijuana advocate Ben Masel passed away. He was 56. I commented on Masel and his battle with lung cancer at the end of March. I am not going to get into the whole legalization debate as I have mixed feelings on the subject. I also don’t have much interest in the subject since I am […]

Sad news from the wacky world of Madison politics. Legalized marijuana advocate and general leftwing political gadfly Ben Masel is losing a battle with lung cancer. Masel, 56, was diagnosed with lung cancer in January and learned two weeks ago the cancer was stage IV, meaning it has spread beyond his lungs. Medical scans showed […]

Jack Craver, writing in The Isthmus, takes a moment to caution his fellow liberals about the polls.  Turns out they might be correct.  Ben Masel, marijuana’s answer to Robert Lorge, says that the polls must be wrong because the youth vote will turn out for the legalize medical pot referendum.  I’m not sure how many […]