Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele will veto the Shakespeare for juvenile delinquents program, and the Wisconsin DOT put an end to building a bicycle path over the Hoan Bridge because it would slow down traffic and create unsafe road conditions. I wrote on the Shakespeare issue and the Hoan Bridge issue for the MacIver Institute. […]

Meanwhile, over at the MacIver Institute where they teach us how to make a state budget out of a rubber band, some talcum powder and a paper clip, I had a couple of fun op-ed pieces recently. Last week my column took a ride over the Hoan Bridge. In a car, the way God intended […]

Tom Held of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel asks if conservatives see “cycling as a liberal enterprise.” “It would seem that cycling, as a cheaper alternative to driving, would be a transportation option embraced by conservatives. It’s cheaper for the individual and the required public investment, compared to road-building. In most debates, though, it seems conservatives […]

Did you know that if we could fly a giant hunk of the glacier covering Antarctica to Waukesha the city would not need to divert water from Lake Michigan? Absurd, right? This week at the MacIver Institute, I puncture another absurd idea pushed by the bicycling evangelists. They’re promoting a study that shows that if […]

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin reveals he is an anti-bicyclist, a secret agent of capitalism, possibly even *gasp* pro-automobile. Madison’s Ride the Drive will roll on as scheduled on Sunday, but Mayor Paul Soglin is canceling a second event that was to take place later this year over concern about the impact on businesses. Ride the […]

From Waukesha Patch: Intoxicated Bicyclist Runs into Parked Squad Car While Riding in Downtown Waukesha A Waukesha man reportedly hit a parked squad car Saturday while riding a bicycle drunk—right in front of the officer. I dunno. I think the bicyclist has a good defense of entrapment, don’t you? Who put the squad car there? […]

Run for your lives! The bicycles are invading! The response was so much fun from the first ride through Milwaukee’s bicycle path plan, I had to revisit the issue this week for the MacIver Institute. I wrote that the Milwaukee By Bike plan was a needless expense, it created unrealistic expectations of increased bicycle usage, and […]

A little furor today over my latest perspective piece at the MacIver Institute on the proposed bike path plan for Milwaukee, Milwaukee by Bike. An excerpt: Milwaukeeans may soon have a plan to allow them to bicycle just about everywhere on even the most crime-ridden streets. Mayor Barrett’s city may have cut back on the […]

…and they ain’t driving Harleys, either. The Waukesha Business Improvement District is looking for people to host bike riders in their homes for the Carl Zach Cycling Classic. Guess they won’t all be staying at the Clarke Hotel. From the Waukesha BID newsletter: Host a Biker for the Carl Zach Cycling ClassicBike racers from aroud […]

Time for this week’s Idiot Politician of the Week. Yep, we’re moving it to Friday to give them a chance to repent over the weekend. We have a few nominees this week that could win the prize almost any other week if we’re weren’t talking about politicians. We start this week with international affairs, specifically […]