Monday, August 26th, 2019

Just a moment to thank everyone for the kind birthday wishes you sent yesterday. Friends and family, thanks for remembering. To those of you who stopped by Facebook to wish me a happy birthday because you read my work, I appreciate the birthday sentiments, too, because they remind me that my work reaches people beyond […]

Not that you need reminding, but astrology is a complete waste of time. But if you need proof, consider Brett Healy of the MacIver Institute and Madison Mayor Paul Soglin are both celebrating birthdays today. Yeah, explain that, astrology fans. Print this entry

To the many friends, family members, and acquaintances who wished me a Happy Birthday today, thank you. The Lovely Doreen and I celebrated my birthday with our friends Anita and Kelin. It’s not a birthday until somebody sticks a funny hat on you, the waiters do a bastardized version of Happy Birthday, and you blow […]

Because nobody wants to see Pat Sajak turn the letters. Print this entry