Friday, October 20th, 2017

You know, if people insist on talking about these places, soon everybody will want to come for Waukesha. Makes me want to make plans to have Fuzzy burgers for breakfast with Bloody Marys some Saturday morning. Print this entry

Fred Dooley has found the perfect compliment to your scrambled eggs and corn flakes: bacon-infused bourbon. I’m guessing this will be very popular in Madison. Of course, bacon-infused vodka has been around for a little while, adding an adventurous flavor to the bloody mary. Let me stress that the following demonstration is not the proper […]

A Bloody Mary is one of those drinks that are best made organically or in the moment. There is no law governing the perfect Bloody Mary. It’s a drink that should be made “in the moment” or as mood and whimsy take you. That’s why most bars are extremely disappointing in their Bloody Marys. Most […]