Thursday, April 26th, 2018

Bob Dole said if you want a friend in politics, get a dog. Assembly candidate Brandon Rosner has an interesting friend. Records show Rosner donated $100 to State Rep Peter Barca, the Democratic leader in the Assembly, in 2010. Rosner was also on a host committee for a fundraiser for Barca in 2009, according to […]

William Safire, Nixon speechwriter and New York Times columnist, passed away Sunday. He was 79. Safire had a wonderful way of turning a phrase, aided by his incredible vocabulary and his sense of humor. It was Safire who created the phrase for Vice President Spiro Agnew, “nattering nabobs of negativism.” Clinton fans probably never forgave […]

Former football star, congressman, presidential candidate, vice-presidential candidate, and cabinet secretary Jack Kemp died today. He was 73. Kemp first gained fame as a quarterback for the Buffalo Bills in the American Football League. As a player he helped found the AFL Players Association and served as its president. After football Kemp turned to politics, […]

Jay Nordlinger wishes former Senator Bob Dole was speaking at the convention: Two Wars, Two Heroes [Jay Nordlinger] I wish Bob Dole were here at this convention, speaking for McCain — he wore a POW bracelet that bore his name, for years. My opinion of Bob Dole, already high, just went up. Print this entry

Welcome to the sunburned version of “Idiot Politician of the Week”. My famous last words yesterday before taking my son to soccer camp? “Maybe I should get some sun screen.” But as red as I am, Vladimir Putin still has me beat. The ex-KGB member and current Prime Minister of Russia asks the question, “How […]