Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

On my continuing tour of events for each of the candidates in the 97th Assembly District, Friday night found me downtown at the Aaron Perry barbecue  small-dollar event at the home of Tom and Vicky Hekkers.The source of the barbecue was Waukesha Mayor Shawn Reilly, and it may be a contender for the best food on […]

It was hard to listen to the Democrats’ preening about the “fake” Democratic candidates being run by Republicans in the upcoming senate recall elections to force primaries. It was hard to listen to Democratic protests of being virgin pure defenders of democracy even as the Democratic members of the State Senate still have receipts from the “no-tell […]

The Republican Party is sometimes called “the stupid party,” but this time they’ve outdone themselves. When the story was first broken by the LaCrosse Tribune of phony Democrats getting recruited to run in the Democratic Primaries in the recall elections, silly me, I thought it was just a bunch of cranks. Instead it turns out […]

The king doth wake to-night and takes his rouse, Keeps wassail, and the swaggering up-spring reels; And, as he drains his draughts of Rhenish down, The kettle-drum and trumpet thus bray out The triumph of his pledge. Hamlet I, iv The bars in Madison will be celebrating a happy hour tonight. A threat far more […]

Rock ’em sock ’em news in the state DPI race. Rose Fernandez announced an endorsement by State Representative Bob Ziegelbauer (Dem-Manitowoc). “I am happy to lend my support to Rose Fernandez for DPI Superintendent,” said Ziegelbauer. “She’s been a refreshing voice for change where it’s desperately needed and has the priorities that will lead to […]