Monday, November 20th, 2017

I hate it when either side does this. I get it. Former Senator Russ Feingold was teaching in California rather than living in Wisconsin. He could run for senator there rather than here. I’ve made the jokes, too. But really, did they have to shout stupid, annoying questions? Here’s an idea: “Excuse me Senator, I […]

Kevin Binversie brought an editorial by the Los Angeles Times to our attention. The editorial advises Wisconsin Democrats to drop their plans for recalling Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Republican members of the state senate. Recall drives like California’s, and the one Wisconsin Democrats plan to start circulating petitions for on Nov. 15, render meaningless the […]

In case you missed it, this week at the MacIver Institute I wrote about the folly of supposedly “free” federal money to spend high speed rail. For those that regret Governor Scott Walker’s decision to reject the money for high speed rail in Wisconsin, it could be worse. We could be like California and accepted […]

Pundit and US Senate candidate in California Mickey Kaus wonders if the disclosure requirements on radio ads are really just a way of bullying the campaigns. Just cut some radio spots. How annoying is it that in a 30 second spot, 5 seconds are words dictated by the government: “Paid for by Kaus for Senate” and […]

If you want to learn how the Public Service Commission lost the trust of both Republicans and Democrats over the global warming bill, you’ll want to read the latest from Patrick McIlheran. The Public Service Commission, our regulator of power rates, weighed in with a study arguing the mandate would save money. Aside from that […]

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared that a “Day of Reckoning” has come for California in it’s fiscal crisis: Declaring that “California’s day of reckoning is here,” Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said today the state should turn its dire budget straits into an opportunity to make government more efficient. Speaking to a relatively unusual joint session […]

The Sacramento Bee unveiled a new tax calculator for residents of California to figure out their new tax burden. At the rate Governor Doyle is going, Wisconsin taxpayers won’t need a calculator. We’ll just send it all. Print this entry

One of the admittedly recurring themes around here is the need to protect political speech, and that includes anonymous political speech. In California, supporters of Proposition 8 overturning the State Supreme Court’s overreach to impose gay marriage are experiencing harrassment and threats, and have gone to court to remove their donors’ names from the public […]

Wisconsin Club for Growth tries to make sense of the Democrats’ energy plan. It sounds like a lot of hot air. Democrats Breaking Wind Suppose, for a moment, that you are the only person in America that can understand the Democrats’ energy plan. Let’s say you can explain how we can be less dependent on […]

The Sacramento Bee is reporting San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has begun preparations to run for governor of California. Newsom’s exploratory bid is an effort to get ahead of what could become a crowded Democratic field in 2010. He can use the committee to solicit donations in $24,100 increments, building a war chest 23 months […]