Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

John Nichols of The Nation and The Capital Times showed he’s lost all sense of proportion with this ridiculous tweet today: AFSCME leader Marty Beil was arrested at WI Capitol on 50th anniversary of March on Washington. @thenation pic.twitter.com/u9VM9fSw7h — John Nichols (@NicholsUprising) August 28, 2013   Um, John, you might want to check this […]

If I can teach you anything at this website, do not attempt to walk away from the Capitol police after they tell you you’re under arrest. It’s called, “resisting arrest.” Yeah, the cops aren’t carrying carryout pizza menus in their back pockets anymore. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that while Christopher J. Terrell was being […]

While our left-wing friends are complaining about song lyrics and jackboot Capitol police tactics, the Solidarity Singers continue to believe they are not only above the law, they are the law. Over at RightWisconsin this week, I explain just who are the real fascists in the Capitol. Print this entry