Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Final score from a D.C. softball game, Cato Institute 9, SEIU 7. Print this entry

Our friend Mike Mathias leaps to the defense of the under-medicated Chris Liebenthal.  Well, Mike doesn’t exactly “leap.”  More like hops.  But anyway, he comes to the defense of Liebenthal, and he even brings charts proving that I am a heartless bastard and that insurance companies eat babies for breakfast. However, as the chart above […]

Alan Reynolds at the Cato Institute explains why the current health care “reforms” are really about redistributionist policy: Health-care “reform,” that is, aims to shift costs and benefits of health insurance from some groups to others. And the losers are turning out to be less docile than politicians had hoped. All the leading proposals involve […]

The Cato Institute offers its help to President-elect Barack Obama in going through the budget “line by line” to reduce government spending, starting with the Department of Agriculture. Print this entry

The following is from the Wisconsin Club for Growth newsletter: BadgerScare Last year, Wisconsin Senate Democrats rammed a $15.2 billion universal government-run health care plan into the state’s budget (dubbed “Healthy Wisconsin”). As a “compromise” for pulling it out, Governor Doyle created a new program, called “BadgerCare Plus,” which would expand government health coverage to […]