Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

I may be one of the six people on Earth that occasionally find Conan O’Brien funny, but his trip to Cuba is anything but. It doesn’t take O’Brien long to show that he’s a clueless Hollywood dolt ready to go Commie chic to be “cool.” This iconic Che Guevara image was born right here in […]

Actual headline:   I hope the delegates attending the convention in Oconomowoc don’t have plans. A speech by Castro could take a whole day. At least Castro will feel at home among all of the Che Guevara t-shirts. Print this entry

Isn’t it funny that this photo… …and this photo… …somehow did not make it into the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s collection of photos from the event? Given the violence of Anarchist demonstrators, doesn’t the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel have an obligation to its readers to show the true nature of the May Day marchers in Milwaukee? John […]

Let’s all run through the ritual condemnation of the kook with the swastika on a sign getting his picture taken with Michelle Malkin.Yes, somebody should have ripped the sign out of his hands and yes, Michelle Malkin should have said something more than complain about the tactics and hypocrisy of the Left (although she does […]