Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Waukesha Freeman March 10, 2016 Page A6 Opinion Time, context matter Bradley should be forgiven for college comments It’s impossible not to be frustrated with the revelations that state Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley wrote some awful anti-homosexual remarks in the student newspaper at Marquette 24 years ago. Even in 1992, 24 years ago when […]

I really don’t have a problem with this restaurant’s policy at all. A popular restaurant in northern California is taking heat for targeting a unique group of people: children. A sign displayed on Old Fisherman’s Grotto’s door warns that the Monterey establishment prohibits strollers, high chairs and booster chairs. In addition, the restaurant has no […]

Jonathan Krohn gave a conservative speech at 13 at CPAC and was a hit in 2009. (Ann Coulter is a hit with CPAC audiences, too.) Now he’s 17, and he thinks he’s smarter. Jonathan Krohn took the political world by storm at 2009’s Conservative Political Action Conference when, at just 13 years old, he delivered […]

Jonah Goldberg explains why children should be seen and not heard. Print this entry

As B. Daniel Blatt points out at the Gay Patriot blog, some mother sends her 8-year-old up to say something to Michelle Bachmann and we’re all supposed to praise the supposed precociousness of the child instead of criticizing the mother for not having the guts to make the statement herself. It is legitimate to ask […]

Another child politician, another reason why children should be seen and not heard, another reason to hate recalls. An annoying kid is running for mayor of Sheboygan. This time the mainstream media is taking this child seriously, too. Of course, they were taking this kid seriously when he was 14. I would just like to […]

Yesterday it was the kids from Stoughton High School. Today it’s kids from Madison East High School. The MacIver News Service asked, why are you here? Why are you here? “You know I don’t even know, I guess we’re protesting today.” Another: “We’re trying to stop whatever this dude is doing” Print this entry

Some idiot parents listen to their child, sell the house, donate the money, and send a press release to the New York Times. If the little urchin is unhappy living in a mansion, send the brat to boarding school. Print this entry

Here’s a video that debuted yesterday at the Copenhagen conference. I just love the little stuffed polar bear in peril. Nice touch. (Ht: The Foundry) The moral of the story is that you shouldn’t let environmentalists around your children or they will be convinced that there are monsters underneath the bed trying to get at […]