Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Waukesha Freeman Thursday, 08/11/2016 Page A06 Opinion Wisconsin GOP is the Ryan Party Bad night for Chris Larson Any discussion of Tuesday night’s election results has to begin with House Speaker Paul Ryan’s victory over recent transplant and alt-Right favorite Paul Nehlen. In the closing days of Nehlen’s campaign he even said there should be […]

Waukesha Freeman 1/18/2016 Page A06 Opinion Bradley, Abele in trouble Rough night for incumbents A lot to cover here this morning so hang on. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. Is state Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley in trouble? In 2011, Justice David Prosser actually got over 50 percent of the vote in the […]

This year we are continuing our tradition of taking a look back to last year’s predictions.  You would think I would learn each year that making so many predictions just means I have more work to do the following year correcting them. I’m also increasing the odds I’ll be wrong. Some people think I’m just […]

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is doing something unique, to say the least. There may have been elected officials in Wisconsin shilling for a private business on the radio like the late Paul Harvey, but I’ll be damned if I can remember it. These ads endorsing iNet of Waukesha are not parodies. These are actual […]

Perhaps Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chris Larson should have a second pair of eyes look at the press releases before they’re sent: Sen. Larson: State surplus stolen from classrooms across Wisconsin 10/15/2013 Contact: Gillian Morris (608) 266-7505 MADISON – The following is a statement of Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson on the pilfering of education […]

Kramer may be moving up  Waukesha rep would add spine to Republican majority as leader Waukesha Freeman 8/22/13 Opinion Page A6   When the state Assembly reconvenes in September, Republicans may have a new majority leader, one familiar to many Waukesha Freeman readers. State Rep. Bill Kramer will likely win the election when the Republican […]

I’m told by my spy network Milwaukee County Supervisor Steve Taylor was spotted at the governor’s mansion this evening, a guest of State Senator Chris Larson. (I’m guessing staff counted the silverware after Larson left.) If Taylor was looking for a sympathetic ear in Madison, I doubt he could find many who believed a county […]

Somebody forgot to tell Milwaukee County Board Chairman Marina Dimitrijevic that county governments are the creations of the state, and are formed to do the state’s bidding. Maybe if the County Board could have demonstrated that they could be responsible, it might not have come to this. A draft of a bill by Rep. Joe Sanfelippo […]

Just before Thanksgiving, Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chris Larson appointed Senator Jennifer Shilling (D–La Crosse) and Senator Bob Wirch (D–Somers) to serve on the Joint Committee on Finance (JFC). This powerful committee is at the heart of the state budget process and is a coveted appointment. Wirch was the likely Democrat who promised to vote […]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a report on the vote that stabbed Democratic State Senator Jon Erpenbach in the back: In a vote that surprised Capitol observers, Larson beat Sen. Jon Erpenbach of Middleton on an 8-7 vote Tuesday. The decision means Larson, a 32-year-old freshman, will serve as one of the primary voices in […]