Friday, November 17th, 2017

Brian Sikma of Media Trackers is getting smeared by the left, including Democratic Party spokesman Graeme Zielinski and the unhinged Chris Liebenthal, as a racist because one op-ed written by him appears on a racist website. (And despite Liebenthal’s efforts, it is just one article.) Had Liebenthal or Zielinski been in any way concerned about […]

It’s probably been too long since a “Wigderson and his critics” blog post. This is hardly a complete collection of recent comments about moi, but if some bloggers are going to obsess over me, who am I to deny them their due? Over at Blogging Blue they continue to be more obsessed with me than, […]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s “PolitiFact” rates some leftwing bloggers on their ridiculous claim that Governor Scott Walker is giving himself a pay raise while freezing the pay of state workers. Of course, the governor’s pay was set by the previous legislature and governor, something those leftwing bloggers should have known. Ironically, PolitiFact’s look into the […]

Commenter John Foust suggests my traffic will go up if I post something about the criminal investigation into Chris Liebenthal’s blogging activities. I don’t have any opinion of le affaire Capper other than I think Rick Esenberg probably has the most reasonable take on the issue so far. I think Steve Jagler’s “special” take on […]

If I can give one piece of advice to anyone thinking of starting a blog: call first. It takes just a few minutes to check something. Even if they refuse comment, you can always say they refused comment. Because you will look really stupid if you don’t ask. Prolific liberal blogger, union representative, and Milwaukee […]

Our friend Mike Mathias leaps to the defense of the under-medicated Chris Liebenthal.  Well, Mike doesn’t exactly “leap.”  More like hops.  But anyway, he comes to the defense of Liebenthal, and he even brings charts proving that I am a heartless bastard and that insurance companies eat babies for breakfast. However, as the chart above […]

Chris Liebenthal takes a momentary break from blogging about Scott Walker drowning puppies to offer this observation: Which is worse? That Massachusetts has condemned hundreds of thousands of people to their deaths or that the right wing is celebrating the mass murder? At least he does not accuse Republicans of pushing people into gas chambers. […]

I love self-parody. Chris Liebenthal at the Walker-obsessed Cognitive Dissidence gives the best example of it I’ve seen in a long time. This is just fantastic. Team Walker, With No Democratic Opponent, Is In A Blind Panic And then Liebenthal actually tries to explain about how having no declared Democratic candidate is sending Milwaukee County […]