Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Liberal bloggers defining the word, “obtuse.” Might be the greatest thing I have ever seen. — Christian Schneider (@Schneider_CM) September 26, 2014 Print this entry

I don’t think The New Republic’s Facebook posting is attracting quite the positive reaction they hoped for: I dunno. It might be worth spending the five bucks just to read the corrections section. Charlie Sykes has two responses to the article at RightWisconsin, here and here. Christian Schneider points out The New Republic missed the […]

Each year I consult the magic martini shaker to make a list of predictions and then, because I’m a masochist, I revisit them at the end of the year to see how well I did. This year I did better than most. Any better, and TLC channel will offer me a reality television show as […]

Every year I make a list of predictions, and every year we check last year’s predictions. This year I consulted my spirit guide Joan, a bartender I knew in a previous life, to help me see deep into the future (or at least the next few months). After rubbing the magic martini shaker, I began […]

Recorded live in front of a Expo center audience in Waukesha, tonight’s Senate debate between Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald, former Congressman Mark Neumann, Kip Smith, and Eric Hovde. Watching the entire thing, I think all of the candidates did well and nobody made a major gaffe. In that sense, both Fitzgerald and Hovde won because […]

Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:Apr 5, 2012; Section:Opinion; Page Number:4A Why go to the polls? Respect the limits of politics My parents asked me an interesting question Tuesday morning. They asked if I was planning on voting on the way to work, and for whom. I told them I wasn’t sure if I was going to […]

State Representative Tyler August wants to do away with my favorite bedtime reading, the Wisconsin Blue Book. “I believe the Blue Book is a prime example of wasted tax dollars,” explained August. “In addition to rejecting my allotment of Blue Books this session, I have authored a bill that would eliminate future publication and printing […]

There’s a new myth, thanks to Rick Ungar at Forbes, being spread by the left that somehow state employee pensions are not a burden on the taxpayer. This is almost as good as the lie that there is no budget crisis. Christian Schneider posts in the Corner at National Review Online a response, The Wisconsin […]

WPRI’s Christian Schneider was allowed to go inside the Johnson campaign as it happened. You can read parts one, two and three. Bonus for Schneider, his inside look at the Johnson campaign also made National Review. Print this entry

Christian Schneider of the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute is the latest to call PolitiCrap on a politician’s claims, this time State Senator Julie Lassa. In the Sean Duffy versus Julie Lassa congressional race, the NRCC has begun running an ad that says “Lassa talks a balanced budget, but left us with a deficit.”  The ad, of […]