Monday, October 23rd, 2017

The Wigderson family would like to offer our sincere condolences to Alderman Christopher Hernandez and his family on the loss of his mother. Her obituary is on the Waukesha Patch website. Print this entry

The Lovely Doreen from Waukesha was my guest this morning as we had breakfast at Key Westconsin along the Fox River next to the Waukesha Farmers Market. I had the breakfast sliders and a very nice Bloody Mary. My wife had the crème brûlée French toast and a Mango Mojito. If you have not had […]

Still undecided. And unfortunately for him, laid up with a broken ankle. We wish him a speedy recovery. Of course, since he has nothing better to do at the moment than answer his phone, his constituents can call him at (414) 687-7342 and express their opinions, pro or con, regarding the proposed stadium at Frame […]

I wanted to work this quote into tomorrow’s Waukesha Freeman column but just couldn’t make it fit. A local realtor, referring to the Phoenix Heights neighborhood, told Alderman Hernandez and me after the meeting, “If you build it, we will move.” Print this entry

Driving East on Arcadian Avenue this morning in Waukesha I slowed down to count five Waukesha Police patrol cars in front of John’s Root Beer Stand and behind Billy D’s. There was yellow police tape stretched across the parking lot to the root beer stand. Nothing yet on the GM Today or JS Online websites. […]

Darryl Enriquez of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel previews our aldermanic race. The good news is that Christopher Hernandez either forgot to hide the address of the bat cave or the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran with it anyway. Christopher HernandezAge: 28 Address; time in the district: 1941 Jefferson Ave.; lifelong resident of Waukesha, lived in district […]