Monday, November 20th, 2017

I made the mistake of looking at Cindy Kilkenny’s blog today. Those are IQ points I’ll never get back. She offered up this real winner of a statement yesterday: “No, I don’t disagree with a thing Farrakhan says.” I’m looking forward to her approvingly quoting Mein Kampf. Print this entry

Just because I can. “Just ignore me.” – Cindy Kilkenny  Best advice she ever gave. Print this entry

It’s probably been too long since a “Wigderson and his critics” blog post. This is hardly a complete collection of recent comments about moi, but if some bloggers are going to obsess over me, who am I to deny them their due? Over at Blogging Blue they continue to be more obsessed with me than, […]

“No fist is big enough to hide the sky.” – African proverb Cindy Kilkenny has found more on the origins of the blue fist from Lincoln Cushing. Fist images, in some form, were used in numerous political graphic genres, including the French and Soviet revolutions, the United States Communist Party, and the Black Panther Party […]

Scott Walker mailed a postcard! Scott Walker mailed a postcard! The world is going to end! There is, of course, nothing wrong with reminding the audience that your opponent has a record, too, as a politician. As I wrote previously about Mark Neumann’s attacks on Walker, I’m a believer in rough-and-tumble primary election campaigns. I […]

Erik Gunn e-mailed me last night for an on-the record statement regarding my blog post concerning WTAQ radio personality Jerry Bader’s now-retracted statements about Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton.  I responded and offered to answer additional questions by phone if he desired.  Gunn was apparently satisfied and quotes me in his article for  Here is my […]