Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

Oh, good, we just finished paying our taxes, and now it’s likely the city is going to ask for more: The City of Waukesha Assessor’s Office will be sending out assessment notices on April 21, 2017. We DID reassess all properties, so all property owners will receive an assessment notice. The Assessor’s Office will be […]

Waukesha Freeman Thursday, 09/15/2016 Page A05 Opinion City will save with county dispatch Government control not more important than safety The city of Waukesha is debating again the idea of letting the county handle the dispatch operations for police and firefighters. Once again we have a report, this time from an outside consultant, that recommends […]

Now they tell us. From today’s Waukesha Freeman: WAUKESHA — East Moreland Boulevard is closed to through traffic between North Street and Manhattan Drive for a road reconstruction project. There is limited local access to businesses and the Frame Park parking lot, but a detour has been posted between North Street and Manhattan Drive. The […]

As we learned during the debate at the Common Council, the condo association was able to secure a private loan for $500,000 but decided against it, calling the amount, “a band-aid.” If the $500,000 is only a band-aid, then the proposed $1.6 million loan is a thin gauze pad trying to deal with an amputation. […]

Today’s winner for the unintentionally funniest Facebook post goes to State Rep Scott Allen: And remember, don’t go to a bank for a private loan to do home improvements. Get the city to make an uncollateralized low-interest loan from TID funds instead. Print this entry

Good lord. Everytime we hear more details, the proposed loan by the city of Waukesha to the condo board at Sunset Homes sounds worse. Attempting to defend the deal State Rep Scott Allen let Mark Belling’s listeners know that the loan will be “guaranteed” by the condominium owner fees collected by the condo association and not any […]

City of Waukesha Alderman Joe Pieper’s letter to his constituents, including his prepared remarks to the Common Council: To my neighbors in the 4th District: On Tuesday the Common Council voted 7-6 to amend TID 22 to pave the way for a $1,650,000 loan to the Sunset Homes Condo Association.  I opposed this amendment and will […]

On Wednesday, WISN’S Mark Belling talked again about the proposed city loan to Sunset Homes, a rundown condo development in financial trouble, focusing on the support from State Rep Scott Allen. Belling says the issue is a real embarrassment to Allen, and calls the loan, “close to socialism.” “All I can assume is that Scott […]

The following is a letter from city of Waukesha Alderman Aaron Perry to Mayor Shawn Reilly regarding amending the TID to give a loan to Sunset Homes condominiums. – JW Mayor Reilly, I hope this finds you well as you return from vacation. I am contacting you regarding the Common Council vote of 7-6 on […]

The Waukesha Common Council voted Tuesday 7-6 to amend a TID to loan $1.6 million to the Del Boca Vista  Sunset Homes Condominiums despite a revelation Tuesday night that the condo board had been offer, and rejected, a$500,000 loan by a private bank. Mayor Shawn Reilly was absent so Alderman Andy Reiland presided. Reilly had previously […]