Monday, November 20th, 2017

Despite a general decline in the thoughtfulness and general quality of Jay Bullock’s blog folkbum, he is still one of the leading liberal bloggers in the state. The decline of folkbum can be traced directly to his decision to bring additional bloggers. Last week, one of the other bloggers at Bullock’s blog, “Bert,” really drove […]

Ben Smith at Politico reports breathlessly on Bill de Blasio, a Democrat in New York running for public office, because he happens to be in *gasp* an interracial marriage.  Smith describes Bill de Blasio as breaking “the last racial taboo.”  Smith needs to get out more.  I was a consultant for a political candidate in […]

I don’t like it when the flight attendant wakes me to offer me a drink, let alone two talkative high school kids.View more news videos at: Print this entry

Happy 60th Birthday Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas!Here’s the accompanying story on the 60 Minutes interview. Print this entry