Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Okay, I’m not a big fan of politicians using clever nicknames for the opposition, but some people just have to lighten up. Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander referred to Hillary Clinton as “Ovary” and liberals are barely making it to their fainting couches. It’s a national crisis! We’re eagerly awaiting Dan Bice’s report on what […]

Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander has a message of support for the police and sharp criticism for the protesters. Print this entry

On our friend Jessica McBride’s Facebook page, former Milwaukee Alderman Jeff Pawlinski has some advice for defenders of Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander.   Maybe Pawlinski thinks Alexander should have raided her campaign fund for her father’s funeral instead. Print this entry

On her Facebook page, Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander asked an interesting question in the race between Judge Rebecca Bradley and Janet Protasiewicz: Status Update By Deanna Alexander – Campaign to Rebrand Milwaukee County There are some that feel like Judge Rebecca Bradley was “handpicked” as if that’s a negative thing; but I have to ask, does this […]