Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the euthanasia of Giggles the Fawn: Could have been worse. Print this entry

Some people are upset that a hunter decided to take out a nearly all-white deer. Unless there is some specific safety reason for not pulling the trigger, there is no logical reason why someone should not shoot a white deer. Here’s a question for non-hunters. Do you really want an all-white deer blending in with […]

Not a good year for the deer hunters this year. WAUSAU (WPR) Wisconsin’s nine day gun deer season is over, and although official numbers haven’t been released yet, hunters are calling this one of the worst seasons in recent memory. Pat Zillman owns Zillman’s Meat Market in Wausau. He says the number of deer brought […]

It’s enough to make you go, “Awwwwww.” Although, I do note she said, “If”. Print this entry

Now you can shoot Bambi’s dad before you have to shoot Bambi’s mom. Wisconsin wildfire officials have indefinitely suspended the state’s contentious earn-a-buck program outside chronic wasting disease areas. The Natural Resources Board initially approved a one-year moratorium Wednesday, but then board member Jane Wiley introduced a resolution to go further. Thattaway Wiley! Let’s encourage […]

Sad news today. Owen Robinson did not do his part to keep Wisconsin’s highways clear. Robinson reports his entire hunting group was only able to tally one six pointer and one doe. His excuse, “Slow year… it happens.” Unfortunately, Robinson wasn’t alone. According to a preliminary tally, 133,828 deer were taken over the first two […]

Pathetic. How dangerous are these predators when they can’t even tear into a deer that jumps into their pool? Print this entry

Owen Robinson has found a new tool to field dress a deer. Edward II’s contemporaries could have used one of these instead of the hot poker. I’m thinking about using it to remove spam comments. Print this entry