Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

This lackluster speech really would have been improved by being given in a half-full football stadium. #dnc2012 — Mary Katharine Ham (@mkhammer) September 7, 2012 on President Obama’s speech to the Democratic National Convention   Print this entry

I didn’t have to cheat to get a two-thirds majority for putting martinis and ribeyes back in my platform. — Stephen Green (@VodkaPundit) September 6, 2012 Print this entry

Roger Kimball reviews former President Bill Clinton’s Wednesday night speech and declares it, “nasty, brutish and long.” Kimball quotes Shakespeare, “He misses not much,” says Antonio, in The Tempest. “No,” says Sebastian, “he doth but mistake the truth totally.” Clinton, formerly of Falstaffian proportions and appetites, infamously taught us during his presidency that the meaning […]

In what can only be described as a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, Democratic Party spokesman and straitjacket model Graeme Zielinski was a runaway winner this past holiday weekend. Zielinski was picked in the Wiggy poll as the one you readers most wanted to see speak at this week’s Democratic National Convention. (Or, as Rush Limbaugh has been […]

Let’s face it, Wisconsin Republicans owned their national convention. Governor Scott Walker, Congressman Sean Duffy, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, Danny Gokey, Cardinal Dolan (former Archbishop of Milwaukee), front row seats for our delegates, and of course, the next Vice President of the United States, Convgressman Paul Ryan from Janesville, WI. Then we look at the […]

Just a wonderful day to remind ourselves that the Left has long had a violent streak, and it’s not taking a break for the major parties’ national conventions: Law enforcement agencies are bracing for the possibility of violent protests at the 2012 national political conventions. The FBI and Department of Homeland security say they have […]

Unlike at the Republican National Convention, Wisconsin will have a less prominent role at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. Wisconsin’s contribution to the festivities will be Congressman Tammy Baldwin as part of a parade of “prominent” women. No word if Wonder Woman will also be there. If the Democrats want to increase Wisconsin’s presence […]

Writing at RedState, Moe Lane comments on the shrinking Democratic Convention in Charlotte and catches one of those small world ironies: But don’t worry: the ceremonial anointing of The One will still be taking place at the Bank of America Stadium. Hold on, let me repeat that, for the benefit of the six remaining progressives […]

Jay Bullock has been running around frantically to every conservative bloggers’ comments section trying to claim the story that the Democrats would just throw out thousands of flags used at their convention can’t possibly be true. A few commenters here have echoed that sentiment, and then cited as evidence: 1) The Huffington Post.2) The past […]

When the Democrats were done waiving their American flags for the television cameras, thousands of flags were just tossed into the trash at Invesco Field. They probably are only good as souvenirs if they have Obama’s seal in place of the fifty stars. You would have thought that someone in the Democratic Party would have […]