Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

The city of Muskego has retained the services of Maistelman and Associates to assist with legal questions surrounding the recalls of the mayor and two aldermen. Given the turmoil in that town, they should just set up an office for Mike Maistelman and his new associate Dennis Krueger. (Waukesha County residents may remember Krueger from […]

Jessica McBride in her latest column for the Waukesha Freeman* lists the many reasons why former Waukesha Democratic Party Chairman Rick Congdon was not a good pick for judge, despite the Waukesha Freeman‘s acceptance of the idea. Congdon’s term is up in 2010. Hysterically, Doyle’s breathless press release announcing Congdon’s appointment never mentioned Congdon’s work […]

The next time someone starts talking about a “non-partisan judiciary” my laughter will be uncontrollable. Governor Doyle appointed former Waukesha Democratic Party Chairman Rick Congdon as a judge. Among the candidates for the position was former Waukesha County Assistant District Attorney Dennis Krueger. Republicans should start planning his campaign now to defeat Congdon in the […]