Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the euthanasia of Giggles the Fawn: Could have been worse. Print this entry

The excuse we were given the other day by Mayor Jeff Scrima for doing a double-reverse on his water position was that while he supported the council’s actions approving the application, he thought the application was incomplete. Well, the state Department of Natural Resources doesn’t agree with Scrima. The application is “sufficiently complete” and the […]

In the Waukesha Patch article concerning the hiring of a new consultant by the town of Waukesha, there was an interesting quote from city of Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima. “I don’t agree with the past history that has developed between the Town of Waukesha and the City of Waukesha,” Scrima said. “I don’t believe we […]

Publication: Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:2011 May 05; Section:Opinion; Page Number: 8A Mayor should present water alternative or get out of the way Last week the city handed in its homework for the Department of Natural Resources explaining why the city will need to divert Lake Michigan water. The answers were really quite the same as […]

Wisconsin’s #1 Waukesha hater Jim Rowen reports on his blog that DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp will be taking over the management of Waukesha’s Great Lakes water application now that Bruce Baker is leaving the agency. I’m sure Rowen’s horrified, but having the DNR Secretary taking the lead role in managing the application through the process […]

The Green Bay Packers are fighting on two fronts this week. Not only are they squaring off against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Super Bowl Sunday, but they’re fighting the Democrats in the state legislature as well. The Green Bay Packers are playing in the Super Bowl next Sunday, but efforts by several Wisconsin Democratic legislators […]

Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:Jan 6, 2011; Section:Opinion; Page Number:8A New Year will not bring big changes to council Waukesha water application should advance (James Wigderson is a blogger publishing at and a Waukesha resident. His column runs Thursdays in The Freeman.) Happy new year! As part of my New Year’s resolutions, it’s time to […]

Publication: Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date: Dec 9, 2010; Section: Opinion; Page: 8A Food fight! Agriculture Department fighting terrorists and bake sales We fight a constant battle over food in our house. Children being children, their sense of what is good for them is clouded by visions of chocolate and candy. Sugar is pharaoh to my […]

And today is one of those days. All Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources offices will close Monday for a furlough day. The state government-wide furlough day is the fifth of eight that cut across all agencies at once. Gov. Jim Doyle has ordered agencies to select eight additional furlough days on their own as well. […]

Publication: Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date: Aug 12, 2010; Section: Opinion; Page: 8A Wisconsin Dems trying to change rules as they’re losing the game (James Wigderson is a blogger publishing at and a Waukesha resident. His column runs Thursdays in The Freeman.) If you’re wondering which party is going to do well in Wisconsin’s elections […]