Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

MILWAUKEE – AFD News- In a late afternoon press conference Tuesday, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett confirmed the purchase of a new carriage for the Milwaukee Streetcar system. The Walt Disney World Monorail Mark IV Red, used in the 1970s, will be modified to fit the fixed rail system being built in Milwaukee. “I got it […]

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I can’t wait for my new Mickey Mouse light sabre. Print this entry

George Lucas is selling LucasFilm to Disney. They will make at least three more movies, with the next one being released in 2015. Lucas will be a creative consultant on the movies. “I’m doing this so that the films will have a longer life,” Lucas, the 68-year-old creator of the series and sole owner of […]

When Disney did Fantasia II, the creators of the Donald Duck/Noah’s Ark sequence claimed that they operated with the plan: when in doubt, thump Donald. Bloggers have Ed Garvey. My latest post is up over at FoxPolitics, and I “thump” Ed Garvey over his silly assertion that we’re on trial in the eyes of a […]