Monday, August 26th, 2019

I bet the police showed up in force for this call: The woman called police because she was unhappy with the amount of sprinkles on the donuts she bought at Honey Dip Donuts, 5158 S. 108th St., shortly after 1 a.m. Sept. 6. I wonder how many boxes of doughnuts were taken as “evidence.” Print […]

Former Republican candidate for Senate Terrence Wall has accused current candidate Ron Johnson of buying the votes at the Republican convention that endorsed Johnson. I don’t know if Johnson was “buying” votes. I do know that “buying” the votes of convention delegates for the party endorsement is not illegal. If it was, Terrence Wall would […]

Somebody will have to let me know if it’s okay for a writer covering an event to help himself to the free doughnuts. I spent Saturday morning listening to Tom Beebe of the Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools describe a “crisis” in education funding in the state and suggest, purely as a band-aid measure, raising […]

Looks like I missed a successful charity walk for breast cancer at the art crawl on Saturday. Not only did I miss the doughnuts but I missed hot Italian beef sandwiches as well. Maybe next year. George also passes along the news that Scrima’s pizza is threatening to make a return. I’m curious to find […]

Alderman Vitale* is concerned about the number of tattoo parlors in Waukesha.  Unfortunately, when you say “tattoo parlor” it’s like saying “massage parlor” to local planners.  They think of vice and riff-raff and sailors landing on the Fox River docks with nothing but trouble on their minds. But just as there’s massage parlors and spas, […]