Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Turns out that the proposed angle parking on the West end of Main Street that wasn’t for the Kendall Lofts is being justified by Mayor Jeff Scrima and Alderman Roger Patton as being good for the Kendall Lofts. Acting City Administrator Steve Crandell is still trying to claim that the angle parking has nothing to […]

After over a month, the downtown task force formed by Mayor Jeff Scrima and approved by the Common Council is going to have it’s second meeting. Included in the agenda items is yet another attempt by the mayor to strike at Vicky Hekkers and her husband Tom. Of course, trying to change the zoning rules […]

The agenda is out for the first downtown task force meeting and, as we discussed previously, one of the items is directly targeted to a resident of downtown. Setting a terrible precedent, this item appears to be nothing more than a rotten attempt at some score-settling by Mayor Jeff Scrima. It also exceeds the scope […]

It seems like a small issue but it highlights the ridiculousness of the mayor’s new downtown star chamber committee. George Wang, owner of Waukesha Tattoo and Galleria Edge, has been fighting a proposal to put in angle parking on his end of West Main Street. Wang, who also happens to be a blogger, believes the […]