Saturday, November 18th, 2017

You would think that with all of those union park workers at last night’s Milwaukee County budget hearing, you would think one of them would know where the Washington Park senior center kept the fans. It had to be ninety degrees in there last night. Don’t tell me Scott Walker sold them all on E-bay. […]

Rooms are so scarce in Washington D.C., they’re being auctioned on Ebay. Some things to note This is ONLY for the transfer of the reservations from my name and credit card to your name AND credit card. You must in addition pay the full costs of room, tax and incidentals and all travel costs and […]

A corn flake was sold on Ebay for $1,350. After Ebay extracted their listing fee, gallery insertion fee, photo fee, and final value fee; and then Pay Pay charged their transfer fee, the seller received about 35 cents. Shipping the darn thing put the sellers in the hole. Looking at the picture, the corn flake […]

Still looking for tickets? Have you checked with every family member, local business and even your priest for tickets? And you’re still out of luck? Fortunately for you, buying tickets ver E-Bay and through ticket brokers is still legal in Wisconsin. While that may cause a few Packer fans to grumble, it does mean that […]