Saturday, October 21st, 2017

Just spoke with Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson. Nelson said we can move him from the “likely” column to the “definite” column for running for re-election and he will formally announce in early November. Nelson confirmed he has been speaking to people to plan his re-election. He also said he fully expects to see a full […]

It’s hard to read the city budget while Spongebob’s pet snail Gary is infected with Mad Snail Disease and is turning all of Bikini Bottom into zombies.  Yes, I’m married with children.  Fortunately, Darryl Enriquez has already given us a head start: The overall tax levy is proposed to increase 6.43%,,  from more than $48.3 […]

1) State Senator Mary Lazich explained why constituent e-mail (i.e. public records) may have ended up discarded as spam. Since I like Yahoo e-mail, like many people, and it avoids the necessity of changing my e-mail address every time I change internet providers, I’m not sure what the solution is everytime an idea for inquiry […]

Darryl Enriquez reports City Administrator Lori Luther gave birth last week to little Cylis Christopher Luther. Enriquez reports mother and child are doing well. Lori Luther is expected to coordinate Secret Service details for visiting dignitaries from home for a while. I understand the mayor has given little Cylis his own pair of baby blue […]

Darryl Enriquez of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting Drew Vallozzi is starting an arena football league team, the Milwaukee Iron. Business operations for the team will be in “downtown Waukesha.” Please tell me it won’t be at the proposed Frame Park enhanced entertainment complex, retail center and office park skyscraper. Print this entry

Darryl Enriquez reports on a Waukesha charity in need of winter clothing for the poor. Print this entry

After last night’s candidate forum I had a chance to ask Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson a couple of questions. First, the mayor offered a nit to pick with me. In this column, I referred to the mayor’s statement during his campaign for election, “You can fight city hall.” The mayor believes he only said that […]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial knitting team has come out in favor of the proposed stadium at Frame Park. First, they get their facts wrong:The proposed stadium is 1700 seats, not 1100 as the editorial indicates, with an expansion to 3500 seats if the team is successful. The $310,000 is not just for the lights, […]

Darryl Enriquez of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports the administration is expecting $400,000 over ten years from the contract with the proposed Waukesha baseball franchise. Mayor Larry Nelson is pitching the new financial figures in the face of criticism of the baseball proposal. “This will save Frame Park, the whole park, not just the baseball […]

Darryl Enriquez of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has the advance copy of Mayor Larry Nelson’s “state of the city” speech. At 16 pages, the resemblance to Fidel Castro is more apt than ever. Update! No mention of the new city administrator? Print this entry