Thursday, April 26th, 2018

Erick Erickson of is complaining about “the establishment Republicans” again. This time it’s about the Republicans running for Senate. This year, the NRSC will have only itself to blame again, but this time really without any conservatives to pin the blame on. Tommy Thompson is flailing about in Wisconsin as the senile old grandfather […]

Tonight is the first debate between former Governor Tommy Thompson and Congressman Tammy Baldwin. The close race is not what Tommy! partisans should have expected, but it’s reality.

On Thursday, University of Virginia Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball report moved the race from “leans Republican” to “toss up.”

Some post-election thoughts: I wonder if Erick Erickson of Red State, Club for Growth, Senator Jim DeMint, Tea Party Express, all feel a little stupid for not listening to Wisconsin conservatives when they (well, we) said Neumann was not worthy of their support. I wonder if any of them who were so determined to stop […]

Okay, here we go. I should note that these polls are unscientific and are deliberately open to gaming by the relative campaigns. Please keep that in mind if using these polls to bet on Tuesday’s election. Remember, gambling on an election is wrong, and it’s hard to find a bookie locally to take the bet. […]

Depending on the closeness of Tuesday night’s results, the Republican Senate Primary could come down to the “Maistelman factor.” Whose election attorneys will be the sharpest at counting votes in a recount? Hey, I’m willing to sell Mike Maistelman’s phone number to whichever campaign promises me the most Snickers bars. Maistelman might as well come […]

We’re going to run this poll until Sunday night at Midnight. And if you want to explain your vote, please feel to leave a comment. We’re also asking who you think is going to win. If you want to comment on that, feel free to comment below.   Print this entry

Publication: Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date: Aug 9, 2012; Section: Opinion; Page: 6     Senate choice comes down to two strong candidates    If you weren’t tired of politics after the recall election, the Republican Senate primary has probably finished the job. It’s a race between three-and-a-half solid candidates, all of them conservatives, leaving the candidates […]

Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform (AFTR)  is attacking senate candidate Eric Hovde for being the only candidate not to sign the AFTR tax pledge. Americans for Tax Reform calls on U.S. Senate candidate Eric Hovde to tell Wisconsin voters what taxes he intends on raising. In his bid for the Republican U.S. Senate […]

A polling firm for Fair Wisconsin misidentified Republican Eric Hovde, candidate for Senate, as a Democrat. According to Dan Bice in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, A poll sponsored by a Madison-based gay-rights group is asking Wisconsin respondents this week whether they would vote for Republican Tommy Thompson or Democrat Eric Hovde in a head-to-head matchup. […]

Former Governor Tommy Thompson’s Senate campaign just received another jolt of bad news tonight with the release of the latest Public Policy Polling senate poll. David Dewhurst tonight became just the latest in a line of establishment Republicans to lose in Senate primaries this year, and it looks Tommy Thompson could be next on the […]