Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Michael Horne of UrbanMilwaukee is reporting the departure of Milwaukee Magazine Editor Christina Daglas for “Big D.” As she leaves for Dallas, Horne remembers the departure of Bruce Murphy to UrbanMilwaukee: Daglas joined Milwaukee Magazine in 2009 as an assistant editor, and it was her first full-time job in journalism. She became Managing Editor in 2011 […]

Erik Gunn, writing for, asks but does not answer how involved the staff of news organizations can get in political activity before crossing a line. “Just like their colleagues on the news side of the Journal Sentinel, members of the Editorial Board may not be involved in political activities of any kind,” Haynes tells […]

And in case you’re wondering, while so many in the Internet world blog for free, for Ungar, “it’s a paying gig.” – Erik Gunn, “Strange Bedfellows”  Inside Milwaukee (Milwaukee Magazine) 3/15/11   You would be shocked at how many people try to get blog content for their websites for free. -James Wigderson   Print this […]

Over at the MacIver site yesterday, a column on the latest CBO report and Congressman Paul Ryan’s reaction. If Ryan sounds like a herald bringing news to Pharaoh of another plague upon Egypt, he has good cause. According to the CBO, public debt will be larger than the entire U.S. economy by 2023. The CBO’s […]

Erik Gunn e-mailed me last night for an on-the record statement regarding my blog post concerning WTAQ radio personality Jerry Bader’s now-retracted statements about Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton.  I responded and offered to answer additional questions by phone if he desired.  Gunn was apparently satisfied and quotes me in his article for  Here is my […]