Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Confessions of a Cowboys fan It’s not easy being blue in a green and gold state I called my mom the other day asking if she had any pictures of me when I was little wearing clothes with my favorite football team on it. She told me she didn’t, and even if I had clothes […]

I think anyone who shops for an engagement ring with you while you’re waiting on a fax from your lawyer explaining the settlement with the state elections board is a keeper. I think it was the Geo Metro I was driving. I think the warranty on the wedding certificate is still good.   The love […]

I really don’t have a problem with this restaurant’s policy at all. A popular restaurant in northern California is taking heat for targeting a unique group of people: children. A sign displayed on Old Fisherman’s Grotto’s door warns that the Monterey establishment prohibits strollers, high chairs and booster chairs. In addition, the restaurant has no […]

When Doreen brought Sam (Sampson) home from Ohio six months ago, I honestly wondered if he would be dead within 48 hours. The “10-year-old dog” she rescued from the shelter that was neglecting him was clearly much older than that. He was in desperate need of a bath, he had severe kennel cough, he was […]

The Tilt-a-Whirl never grows old. Will Wigderson, 13 Print this entry

Waukesha Freeman 4/17/14 Page A7 Opinion A kind of government to show your kids When I get asked about what I am going to write about in the post-Jeff Scrima era, I laugh and point out the number of races unfolding in the state for the fall elections. My son, Will, has a different suggestion. […]

Note: This is my wife Doreen’s response to Chris Wiesmueller’s letter to the editor that appeared in the Waukesha Freeman on Tuesday. Doreen’s letter was published today in the Waukesha Freeman. The newspaper also published a correction today correcting Wiesmueller’s statement that my wife is “uninterested in local politics.” My own comment on Wiesmueller’s letter, […]

I’m catching up from my little vacation. Yes, I missed the deep freeze. I’ll have some stories to tell, probably early next week, about our adventures. In the meantime, expect the normal irregular posting to resume around here. Print this entry

Waukesha Freeman Page A6 Opinion, 12/26/2013   Being good at doing Christmas Through the miracle of newspaper publishing I am writing this the day before Christmas and you are reading this the day after. It’s time travel. By now you know if you were on Santa’s naughty or nice list. I’m always on the nice […]

“Nature teaches beasts to know their friends.” Coriolanus Act II, Scene I I remember when my wife Doreen first mentioned Nelson to me. “Doreen, I just can’t have a dog named Nelson.” Former city of Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson was out of office less than a year when my wife decided we needed another dog, […]