Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Las Palmas Sportsbook and Casino (conveniently online and licensed in Costa Rica) has the early odds on the NFL. The Packers are listed at 30-1 to win the Super Bowl. Where would they be if Brett Favre was the quarterback? The over/under for wins is eight. The Jets are 60-1, but the over/under is 8. […]

WFRV, of course. Just as Packerama predicted (at the new website), the Green Bay CBS affiliate wants to show as many of the New York Jets’ games as possible. I predict the novelty will wear off and they’ll revert to their normal game by the third week. Print this entry

Dan Deibert wants us all to sing along.B-B-Brett is a Jet. Print this entry

I had to use that title before Chris Berman stole it. But it is true, sports fans. Number 4 in your playbook, number $12,000,000 in your salary cap, Brett Favre has been traded to the New York J-E-T-S. He follows in the great quarterbacking tradition of Joe Namath and… Joe Namath. Meanwhile, the Green Bay […]

No, seriously. And there’s nothing in Kane’s blog post about racism. Instead, give him credit for the quote of the week: When did Deanna Favre become Yoko Ono? Print this entry

Reuters photo Print this entry

Brett Favre is on his way to Green Bay: ESPN’s Ed Werder reported Sunday morning that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has reinstated Favre. Werder reports that Favre and his wife, Deanna, are headed to Green Bay, where Favre will show up to training camp Monday morning. He is expected to land in Green Bay by […]

Dr. Bear points out the folly of building and running a football team by making all the right P.R. moves. And I don’t think it’s a good idea for a football team to make moves based on what the fans will think. That way lies madness, elderly quarterbacks and the Green Bay Packers from 1968-1992. […]

Favre Trade Rumors Alright, I admit Brett Favre is acting like a doofus. I admit that Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy were paitent with him and made every reasonable effort to let him make up his mind. . . but I don’t care. He’s Brett Favre. Sure, there will come a day when I reach […]

Ted Thompson finds a team to take Brett Favre. It must be true. I read it on the internet. Print this entry