Thursday, June 20th, 2019

Waukesha Freeman 10/8/2015 Page A6 Opinion Divided government limits Republicans Republicans should be wary of easy promises Senator Ron Johnson spoke at a recent Waukesha County Republican Party “Pints and Politics” gathering, this time in Sussex. The capacity-filled room listened to the senator give an informal talk about politics, Washington DC, and the importance of […]

Murray and Ryan Announce Bipartisan Budget-Conference Agreement Two-year budget agreement would avoid government shutdown in January, provide certainty to businesses and families, and return budget process to regular order Bipartisan agreement would provide sequester relief for defense and domestic priorities—fully offset by concrete savings and reforms—and further reduce the deficit Short-term agreement breaks through partisan […]

Good catch by RightWisconsin. The junior senator from Wisconsin Tammy Baldwin made an unintentional funny. It’s been 45 days since the Senate passed a budget but Republicans are standing in the way. It’s time to move fwd -TB… — Sen. Tammy Baldwin (@SenatorBaldwin) May 7, 2013 Of course, it took over four years for […]

Johnathan Krause is watching the watch tower at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh and noticing that the sequester cuts do not seem to be having a calamitous effect. This Two Cents would be completely different in tone if not for the reaction of the pilots who use Wittman Field. So far, they have told us […]

Dear Mr. President, Welcome back to Wisconsin. How was Las Vegas? Remember when you didn’t think it was right that corporations were holding conventions in Las Vegas? But it was okay for you to hold your debate prepping sessions there. I guess the mayor of Las Vegas has forgiven you for attacking business convention travel. […]

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“Hi, I’m Ron Johnson, from the great state of Wisconsin. 16 months ago, with no previous political experience, I began serving in Senator Harry Reid’s do-nothing Senate. “It is hard to convey how frustrating it has been. “My background is in accounting and manufacturing in the private sector. Like most Americans, I’m used to getting […]

The White House offered up a “to-do” list for Congress, complete with a cartoon post-it note. The public responds with it’s own “to-do” list for Congress, including, “pass a budget.” Funny how that works. Print this entry