Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Stu Levitan and Brian Fraley mix it up on WisOpinion the Show this week, and I have an analysis of the exchange over at But Levitan can’t help himself. When Fraley criticizes former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler, Levitan comments (at 12:20), “It’s interesting that you would cite Louis Butler right after I […]

You show me yours and… you show me yours. Mine will stay zipped up. Over at, I summarize the Soglin/Cap Times/WMC controversy. By the way, as a means of full disclosure, I have received $0.00 in donations since starting this blog. (You bunch of cheap bastards.) Therefore I have no conflicts of interest. Using […]

Over at, I wrote about the absurdity of the Democrats wanting to punish “Big Oil” for big profits when they refuse to do anything to repeal the law that mandates profits, the minimum markup law. Print this entry

Over at, I comment on the fundraising efforts by septuagenarian State Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson. But no claim of bi-partisan support is going to protect Abrahamson from the likely onslaught of third-party advertisements, just as any Abrahamson opponent can expect third-party attacks as well. As liberal judicial philosophy becomes increasingly outcome-based rather […]

This week at FoxPolitics.Net, I took some time to look at Father’s Day. Ladies, trust me on this. Print this entry