Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

The Riversplash festival is no more.  Organizers announced today that the festival this year was the last. Bad weather that hit the festival for several years and reduced revenue were the main causes of the cancellation, said Marsha Sehler, a member of the Milwaukee Riverwalk District Board that staged RiverSplash. “The weather was really rotten, […]

Just a couple of quick notes. Still standing-room-only. Expecting some announcements later today that will definitely be newsworthy. I spoke with Brian Fraley and with state DPI Superintendent candidate Rose Fernandez. Both are excited about the progress of the campaign. “Things are really starting to happen now,” according to Fernandez. Fraley is excited about how […]

Conservative Young Professionals of Milwaukee are hosting a happy hour with three campaigns for state superintendent for the Department of Public Instruction. Happy Hour Details: Tuesday, February 10th5:30-8:00pm (Speakers addressing group around 6:15 for 5 minutes a piece)Bootlegger’s (1023 N. Old World 3rd Street) Speakers: Daniel Gabler (Candidate for Milwaukee County Judge) Candidates for Superintendent […]

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Stu Levitan and Brian Fraley mix it up on WisOpinion the Show this week, and I have an analysis of the exchange over at But Levitan can’t help himself. When Fraley criticizes former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler, Levitan comments (at 12:20), “It’s interesting that you would cite Louis Butler right after I […]

Skip ahead to the rising and falling segment for a good discussion of the Obama campaign in Wisconsin. Somebody forgot to feed Nichols his talking points for the week and he ended up offering real commentary. Print this entry

In this week’s “WisOpinion: The Show”, Jeff Mayers interviewed Bryan Kennedy, the president of the AFT. Kennedy endorses the appointment of Biddy Martin as UW Madison chancellor because she supports collective bargaining rights for faculty. In other words, you can’t say you weren’t warned. Kennedy also wants to tax businesses more rather than make any […]

Brian Fraley catches former Madison Mayor Paul Soglin comparing conservative Republicans unfavorably with the left-wing radical bombers of the Weather Underground. The people who are financially backing Soglin’s efforts to try and silence the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce must love it when he goes off the deep end like this. Print this entry

One of the problems in the 24-hour news cycle is how quickly information is thrown out for consumption before it can be put into proper context. Mickey Kaus has been on the question of the reliability of exit polls and it’s worth noting: How Crappy Were the Exit Polls? Pretty crappy! They certainly didn’t capture […]

Idiots, idiots everywhere. On the way home this evening I saw one idiot behind the wheel of a car honking her horn because the six cars in her lane weren’t moving. When they did move, they didn’t move fast enough for her and she honked her horn again. This time the car in front of […]