Friday, October 20th, 2017

Normally I’m the first to complain when a legislator no longer resides in their district. I think that it’s important that for someone to serve in elective office that they actually live among their constituents who voted for them. So when Congressman Reid Ribble moved “outside his district” to his longtime home, I took note. […]

The Republican redistricting plan for the legislature is out, and there’s some rather interesting changes in the State Assembly. Let’s start in the Waukesha area. Republican Don Pridemore will no longer be representing any part of Waukesha County. He moves from the 98th Assembly District to the 59th Assembly District. He will be in the […]

State Representative Fred Kessler (D-Milwaukee) is no friend of the Milwaukee school choice program and proved it again with a purely gratuitous move to reduce the enrollment cap for school choice students from 22,500 to 19,500. Readers will remember the fight to set the cap at 22,500, and how much heat Governor Doyle took. Now […]

Brian Fraley found yet another left-wing Democrat that hates you, State Representative Fred “The Red” Kessler: “I was extremely disappointed with the result of the election of the Supreme Court yesterday. It appears that special interests again were able to determine the outcome and focus the campaign on issues that had been distorted. Political campaigns […]