Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Update: No participation in the rally by Barrett which was cancelled and then reinstated, but Barrett did have a unity breakfast. The rally is what was referred to in the Daily Kos post. The Daily Kos diarist has updated his/her post as well since this was posted to include the breakfast. See comments below. – […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day out there to all of my readers. If you’re looking for something other than green beer to lift your spirits, there are quite a few posts related to the day and Irish history in my archives. The archive button is on the right hand side and just follow it to any March […]

Erik Endres has a brief review of breakfast at Fuzzy’s. I think there might be another trip for me for burgers for breakfast coming soon. Print this entry

You know, if people insist on talking about these places, soon everybody will want to come for Waukesha. Makes me want to make plans to have Fuzzy burgers for breakfast with Bloody Marys some Saturday morning. Print this entry