Friday, October 20th, 2017

I am not going to make a prediction on the Iowa Caucus. I am just going to pass along some pre-caucus observations. I pass these along just for informational purposes because gambling on an election is wrong: VegasInsider has the latest betting odds. Trump is the favorite at 1/4. Folks, if you’re betting at 1/4, […]

“Gambling is illegal at Bushwood sir, and I never slice.” – Judge Elihu Smails Over at OddsChecker, the line on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker ranges between 7/2 to 5/1, with the average around 4/1. You can’t even get 2/1 on former Florida Governor Jeb Bush so don’t bet him. Senator Marco Rubio is 7/2. The […]

It’s either a long-neglected problem or an economic segment Las Vegas casinos have overlooked. I’m talking about the problem of gambling by children. Fortunately, Troy Senik in the newsletter “Daily Shot” reports the state of Florida and DisneyWorld are doing something about it: You know those impossible claw-games? You used to find them in […]

Kevin Binversie brings us the news that Intrade will be shutting down their American accounts. The decision came after a lawsuit by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission. Intrade, which is operated by the Irish firm Trade Exchange Network Ltd. was a favorite reference point for political prognosticators, who pointed to futures being traded on the […]

Wayne Allyn Root, libertarian and famous Las Vegas oddsmaker, is doubling down on a Mitt Romney landslide: Today I’m making it official: I’m doubling down. Mitt Romney will win the presidency, and it won’t be close. I’m predicting a 5 to 7 point popular vote victory. Electorally it won’t even be that close. Romney will […]

Former candidate for governor Ed Thompson lost his battle with cancer. He was 66. Ed Thompson was perhaps less famous than his brother, former Governor Tommy Thompson, but he made a name for himself in Wisconsin political lore. Thompson became a cause célèbre in northern Wisconsin when his Tee Pee supper club was raided by […]

Jack Craver, writing in The Isthmus, takes a moment to caution his fellow liberals about the polls.  Turns out they might be correct.  Ben Masel, marijuana’s answer to Robert Lorge, says that the polls must be wrong because the youth vote will turn out for the legalize medical pot referendum.  I’m not sure how many […]

Bruce Murphy of Milwaukee Magazine wrote about one of the worst addictions of the legislature this week, and it isn’t booze. In 1987, state legislators created the Wisconsin lottery but were morally queasy about the spectacle of government trying to hook people on gambling. So the law included a unique provision that said no public […]

I noticed this week that very few Green Bay Packers fans were bothering to say anything to this Dallas Cowboys fan about the upcoming game. I also noticed that tickets were readily available for the game at near-face value. Is the pessimism of Packer fans justified? Of course. The Cowboys’ pass rush is far superior […]

The Wall Street Journal looks at the violence and mayhem the giant pizza-serving rodent brings to Brookfield.In Brookfield, Wis., no restaurant has triggered more calls to the police department since last year than Chuck E. Cheese’s. Officers have been called to break up 12 fights, some of them physical, at the child-oriented pizza parlor since […]