Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Remember when Democrats said there was no need for a constitutional amendment because marriage would always be between a man and a woman? Remember when we were told the recent Supreme Court decision would not lead to polygamy? “Instead we should recognize that once we abandon the rigid constraints of history, we cannot be sure […]

Well, that’s one way to look at it. From Chris Jones in the Chicago Tribune: I happened to talk to Cyndi Lauper on the morning last week the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. “I was crying,” said the pop icon and the woman who made the song “True Colors” into a 1986 […]

Because it’s not just about a cake. My fight in this situation is religious freedom. It is the ability to live and work by the dictates of my faith without being punished by the government and all Americans should be free to do that. – Aaron Klein, former owner, Sweet Cakes Bakery Print this entry

Really? State Attorney General JB Van Hollen said county clerks could be prosecuted for issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. I sympathize with Van Hollen’s frustration, and technically he is correct, but does he really think county district attorneys are going to start arresting the clerks? Did he really think his designated successor, Waukesha DA […]

Novack fails the test Clerks responsible to uphold law We can forgive Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen for sounding like Chip Diller in “Animal House,” saying “Remain calm, all is well!” right before getting trampled by county clerks all over the state rushing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. After all, federal Judge Barbara […]

“Wisconsin state law defines marriage between a husband and a wife. I think everybody with a third grade education or higher understands that a husband is a man and a wife is a woman. And we’ve had numerous courts in Wisconsin interpret that to mean a man and a woman, husband and a wife. We’ve […]

“It seems that nobody except members of the legislature are confused as to whether a husband is a man and a wife is a woman.” – Former Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle, Democrat Print this entry

With everyone’s attention on the US Supreme Court and oral arguments debating legalizing gay marriage, I thought it was worth some time to look back to 2006 when Wisconsin was debating an amendment to the state constitution to ban gay marriage. This is my Waukesha Freeman column from October 5, 2006, about a month before […]

For the SEIU, it’s all about insurance benefits and retirement benfits. Workers & their families should have access to healthcare & economic & retirement security. Marriage equality makes this possible. #lgbt #1u — SEIU (@SEIU) March 26, 2013   The irony is that if legalized gay marriage is imposed via judicial fiat, employers may ask […]

So GOProud wasn’t allowed to be a co-sponsor of CPAC this year. There may be a more mundane reason than just politics. Yes, GOProud’s relations with the ACU are strained. They weren’t allowed to sponsor the event, but it’s not an outright ban. Dave Weigel blogged today that, “GOProud, a gay Republican advocacy group, has […]